SARAH TEALE, Producer/ Director








SARAH TEALE was a Producer on the HBO series The Weight of the Nation, which was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy. Other HBO films include Dealing Dogs, (Emmy nominated for Best Investigative Documentary) where an undercover animal rights activist exposes the illegal sale of dogs; Death on a Factory Farm, an investigative documentary exposing conditions at factory farms across the country; Bellevue: Inside Out, a year inside the locked psychiatric wards at Bellevue Hospital; and Mumia Abu Jamal: A Case For Reasonable Doubt?, an investigation into the highly controversial case of a black journalist on death row. Mumia Abu Jamal received a Cable Ace Award nomination. She most recently produced Grazers: A Cooperative Story on the formation of a farm cooperative in collaboration with Lisa F. Jackson, being distributed by Collective Eye.


Teale Productions Staff 

JUDY TUCKER, Financial Controller/Production Accountant

Judy joined the Teale-Edwards production team in February 2006. She hails from London, England, and began her 20-year career in entertainment and finance at the BBC.

She ensures that proper financial controls and reporting procedures are in place across every aspect of the company's activities, including those of individual productions.

Judy's wide-ranging experience includes 10 years as Executive Director of Accounting for a public corporation, as well as extensive involvement in film, television, music, and theatre Production.


Jeesu Kim, an artist and filmmaker based in New York, joined Teale Productions in the fall of 2014 as the outreach director for Grazers: A Cooperative Story. Since then she has also assisted Sarah as an associate producer and an editor's assistant.