Dragon is inspired by the true story of Kasaun Henry and Maurice Ashely.

Kasaun Henry is a Harlem-born African-American, living in a modest apartment with his mother, Ann, a preacher at the local crackhouse parish, and his delinquent sister's three children. He was not born into privilege; but he was born with a tremendous gift—a talent for playing chess. His original opponents are the bums of the local parks, an influence that worries his mother. Then Ann's prayers for male guidance for her son are answered by the entrance of two men into his life: Tyrell, a classy street thug with chess skill, and Maurice Ashley, a college student and aspiring chess grandmaster who tutors public school children in the game. If he follows Tyrell, Kasaun is promised present protection; if he follows Maurice, Kasaun may have a future of promise. Where Tyrell can make Kasaun a chess champion on the streets, Maurice can make him a national one. The moves Kasaun makes now will determine the man he will become; whom will he follow?