My Father's A Cop

Directed by Mario Sorrenti
Producer Sarah Teale
Co-Producer / Writer Kurt Brunghardt

My Father's a Cop chronicles Jerry Dean's journey from extorting the owner of A&W Root Beer's son for $6,000 at his private upper eastside grammar school when he was 12 through a series of teenage, gun-wielding crime sprees to incarcerations in America's toughest prisons, repeated trips to the Bellevue Psych Ward, movie star friendships, run-ins with gangsters, kinky sex with supermodels, a burgeoning acting career, Hollywood break-ups and break downs, and an undying and tumultuous relationship with his father that would make Sophocles and Shakespeare blush.

After hitting rock bottom, Jerry finds a social worker-angel and redemption in one the darkest places on the planet— Sing-Sing Prison Psychiatric Ward, a 30 bed facility created for the state's most mentally ill criminals.

More than just Jerry's story, My Father a Cop is the story of one man desperately trying to confront his manic depression and a childhood trauma as he cycles up and down the American dream of fame, power and money.